Submit Design

Examples of Winning Designs

Colors Changes Only

Get Paid! $500 + $250 per school = Up to $5,000

If we decide to change your color scheme to work for other teams in addition to the one you intended you will receive $250.00 for each additional version created, up to $5,000.00

Slight Design & Copy Change

Get Paid! $500 + $250 per school = Up to $5,000

If you submit a design that could work for multiple teams but it needs copy or design edits, you will be paid $250.00 for each design version that we request and you provide OR $100.00 per version if you would rather us handle the repurposing of the design, up to $5,000.00

Examples of Winning Ideas

Redesign For Final Sale

Get Paid! $200 + $100 per school = Up to $2,000

This fan submission was a great idea submitted to us, but needed some design work before being submitted to the competition. Winning Ideas such as the one listed above will receive $200.00 plus $100.00 per additional school, up to $2,000.00


Get Paid! $200 + $100 per school = Up to $2,000

No design skills? That's ok! You can submit your idea in a concise written form and if we think it's good enough to be entered into the competition we will have one of our talented designers make it look awesome and submit it for grading.