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Common Reasons for Declined Submissions

Needs Some Tweaking

Your submission was declined because we feel your idea could use some tweaking. If you feel like you are up to the challenge then keep at it! However, if you still think your concept is great but are unsure if your design skills are up to par, we encourage you to submit in the "idea" submission category. In this category, image quality, layout, color scheme etc. are disregarded. We only look at the quality of your idea. If we like it, we turn it over to one of our designers to finalize and submit it to the competition on your behalf.

Collegiate Licensing Issue

Your submission was declined because it violated a specific university's design standards. While each university has different criteria for what is approved/disapproved, a good rule of thumb is to NEVER modify existing marks of the university, but instead build upon or around them. If you want to give us great designs but steer clear of any licensing, a good rule to use is "Colors PLUS 1." "Colors PLUS 1" is any indicia directly related to a university in that university's school colors.

Example: The word Tigers alone does not violate the rule, but Tigers in a Navy/White/Orange color scheme would be considered confusingly similar to a Univeristy of Auburn product, therefore it is subject to the University's approval. That is "Colors Plus 1."

Image Quality

Your submission has been declined because the quality of your image is too pixelated or blurry. This can be a common error, so to avoid it save your original artwork at at least 72dpi.

Incomplete File Submission

We must receive all required files upon submission to College District if you are submitting in a design competition. The files necessary for submission are listed on the "Read Rules" section.

Templates are here.

Not Printable

Your submission has been declined because it's impossible to translate your artwork to a tee. This case is quite an exception as we always try to work with designers to ensure printability, but sometimes it just doesn't work out.

Copyright Infringement

Your submission was declined because it contains copyrighted material or material confusingly similar to copyrighted material.


Offensive language, obscene or demeaning imagery, and anything else we deem unsuitable for our audience will be rejected by College District. In other words, keep it PG-13, use good judgment, and don't submit a design with a guy peeing on a mascot.